Freedom Cry Records signed acts Eye Judah is out with a brand new tune titled Real Talk. Which he features Ayesem and Renner. They expressed their displeasure musically on the same Riddim about the state of our music industry. Check out what they have to say. Song was produced mixed and mastered by fast rising producer Sicnarf PRO from Too Easy Studios.

Eye Judah ft Ayesem x Renner – Real Talk (Prod. By Sicnarf Pro)E [Download]


Eye Judah : Spark fire
Ayesem : una dey see still, they call me Ayesem
Renner : Step up!!

Eye Judah verse
What’s up now
How come Ghana music inna mess now
GHAMRO mi wan you tell we all the facts now
The system no look too good mek mi spark now
Turn the lights on
I step on
MUSIGA stand up on your feet
You know say music ah di nation heartbeat
System hard and tough like concrete
Long time mi ah seh this, oneness ah di key
If we no unite then we can’t compete oo
We can’t compete
The nation’s full of talent but we still never reach oo, we still never reach

Talk the things and ah nothing you fi show me
Represent who ah represent for me
Explode inna ya face inna hurry
BigUp the thugs wey ah represent for me

Ah no blah man a blah, REAL TALK!!! 4x
Ah no yob we ah yob, REAL TALK!!! 4x

Ayesem verse
Anaa yub we are yub Mame nswitch nembra fanti ntampi minimtwe Nti patoa no mentse adeyi yedropi nyoma na wetwem d3 yegoala abr3 ak3y3 nyom na dj nso se payola adeyi belle full leaders waay3 confused d3 roundabout frown industry artiste get Nattin to laugh about yeclaim superstars jeans two nso yeni bank account mob3ba bia y3 hand to mouth so what you talking about 3kom nontsi rappers ay3 singers ato plans obiaa reboma ode cash beba people wanna dance the only thing we get be motivation from the fans Sisiaaa boys frem recardo cos minihweewo banks.


Renner verse
Always seh today, tomorrow, this year is our year
Years come by and we are never the best fi them….Ei!
This is not a hobbie, it is a full profession
Fix up the desk and make we sit pon top
Nobody better than we, we can make it!
My youths, bind up your minds, show them you got it
Jah and hustle make we boss(yeeeeah)
Jah dey bout, nothing from the hustle yet
Ano yab we ah yab, real talk
Nothing from the hustle yet

Eye Judah verse
Aah, aah
Some a di big artist get the chance to the top and mess it up
Burn all the bridges and make we cya reach up
Nobody wan look pon we corner
New generation a suffer but we still haffi live it up
It ruff enuh people
Industry structures too bad enuh people
Dem put we talents to sleep
Real talk